An exciting breath of fresh air for the contemporary art scene, emerging self-taught artist Alexandra Lekias’ remarkable and highly labor-intensive artworks are the result of hundreds of hours of fine penmanship laden with symbolic detail and illuminated with oozing ‘unicorn blood-like’ watercolors. Working on paper every mark is indelible, a practice which reflects her dedication to the notion of memory, the forging of personal identity and the passage of time.

The influence of her university studies in Film is evident in the narrative rich quality of her works, which often tell the story of commonly experienced but seldom celebrated rite of passage youth rituals. It is through this personal framework for visual storytelling that she seeks to initiate and engage a sense of shared experience and collective memory by opening up a nostalgic dialogue with our recent pasts.

Featuring in various publications such as Harpers Bazaar and Belle; Alex has guest illustrated for Yen magazine and designed two album covers for Sugar Army’s records. Her three solo exhibitions ‘Lifelong Babyteeth’ (Sydney, 2010) ‘My Goo, My Precious Goo’ (Perth, 2011) and ‘Selfie-Saucing Pudding Party’ (Sydney, 2013) were sellout successes. Alex currently lives in Perth, Western Australia.